15 Haziran 2010 Salı

Baby Bella

We arrive from hospital yesterday. I am still hurting.
We went to hospital on 11th because I thought my water was broken in early morning, at around 4 a.m. then contractions started to come very regular. we went to hospital and Anita test if my water broken or not and she confirmed that it was broken. As a coincidence we had Anita as a nurse again which I was very happy about. Anita hooked me up to the machine to fallow the contractions and baby's heart beat. I was not dialting at all I was 4 cm. Then my doctor decided to induce me. and they move us from triage room to birthing room. then they started giving me pitocin and nurse asked me if I wanted epidural. she told me if I want it I should get it now or I have to wait for anestesiologist for couple hours. I decided to wait. I waited 3 hours without pitocin. It was PAINFULL!!! then I got the epidural. it was such a relive at the beginning but then I got too numb. I asked anestesiologist to reduce but he only reduced 25% which was still too much. but somehow they thought they know my body bettern than me and thought that would not be enough if they reduce it too much. I was still not dilating. then they keep incresing pitocin level and still was not much increase. then they decided to reduce the pitocin and in half an hour I was alredy 10 cm. everybody was surprised, including myself. then I started pushing. dr. Snell was not there yet. then she arrive and keep pushing. babys head was tilted and she was very big. Dr. Snell try to correct her head when I am pushing but she was so big and was not much improvement. I think I pushed for more than 2 hours and dr. decided to do C-section. they transfer me in the O.R. and there was other 2 doctors and anestesiologist dr. beer (was funny) I still pused some in the O.R. and Dr. Snell said lets do C-section. and they gave me anestesia and they started, and very soon baby came out. one of the dr. said well it was not fair, you pushed for hours and hours and we took you to O.R and minutes later you have the baby. I was shivering so much in the OR I could not control it. after the baby arrive dr. said there was no way you could deliver her because she was 8 pound and 7 ounces (4kg)WOWWWW! then transfer us to postpartum room. I was still shivering and exhousted. but it was worth every minute of it. She was bigger and taller than other babies at her age. she is GORGEOUS! love you my baby girl. and I am also so luck to have a husband like Tim.

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