22 Nisan 2010 Perşembe


Baby shower

Today (I guess it is already yesterday since it is past 12:00 am) was very nice. Sunny, Khan and other lab members arranged a baby shower for me and I was so happy!

20 Nisan 2010 Salı

33 week

We scheduled a groth ultrasound on Thursday and we will see if our little girl is too big or in an expected size. I am hoping she will be in the normal growth range and healthy!

13 Nisan 2010 Salı

32 weeks

We had a doctor appointment today. Everything looks OK. so far. we will be going for a last ultrasound pretty soon! I am excited! I will try to get an appointment for friday.

12 Nisan 2010 Pazartesi

bebis odasi

Bu hafta sonu Tim bebis icin odayi hazirlamay basladi. Cu,artesi gunu Microwave imizi ve firinimizi yeniledik. Firinimiz sali gunu gelicek. Microwave i Tim mutvaga install etti. Simdi Isabellanin odasini boyuyoruz. Ortalik karman corman. bir an once bitirsek de duzenlesek herseyi.

6 Nisan 2010 Salı

31. hafta

diyet sayesinde az cok da olsa sekerimi kontrol altina alabildik. Insulin kullanmaya gerek oldugunu sanmiyorum ama yine seker oranim normalin biraz uzerinde. diyete uyarak az karbonhidrat ve az seker yemek cok zor da olsa uygulamaya calisiyorum.

1 Nisan 2010 Perşembe

Gestational diabetes Update and week 30

They did first testin in March 16 and it came positive and second (fasting) test was on March 24 and result were

1st(fasting sugar).......71mg/dL
1 hour.......143mg/dL
2 hour.......148mg/dL
3 hour.......211mg/dL

So I got my accucheck and Tim and I are going to class tonight to learn how to manage my diabetes.

we also had an appointment for week 30 on March 30th. and I did not gain any weight in these two weeks. so that means I controlled my sugar and weight well during these two weeks.