24 Mart 2010 Çarşamba

Gestational Diabetes

My 1 hour test result came back positive, to be more exact it 172 mg/dL and it supposed to be lower than 140. So I went todoctors office today for 3 hour test. Monamie (she was very nice to take me there, I love her!) took me there and I was at the office before 8 am. They took blood and I drank the glucose solution. well after drinking half of it I realize that it was expired (WOW, they are very bad in this office!) and I got a new one and drank half of the new solution. then she took my blood every hour so totatl she took blood 4 times and poke me 5 times. My vein is all red. Most likely it is going to be purple tomorrow. I am really curious about the results. I have to start restricting my diet in any case. we will see what happens...

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